Monday, June 18, 2007

Fava Bean and Arugula Risotto

Wow, what a crazy weekend in the bear household!! Our kitchen renovation is in full swing, so a lot of the things I wanted to make this weekend did not materialize. We no longer have any wall cabinets, but thankfully I still have a working stove and sink.

Tonight's recipe utilizes some of our CSA fava beans, onions and arugula. I love risotto and this was a great way to use some of our produce. I have never had fresh fava beans before and whilst they were a little time consuming to prepare, the taste was definitely worth it. Very tasty and fresh.

I am not going to post a formal recipe as most people know how to make a basic risotto, however I started with some onion, garlic and white wine, expanded the rice with vegetable stock and then added the fava beans and arugula, as well as some Peccorino, at the end.

To prepare the fava beans, peal the vein on the bean pod and then remove the beans from the pod. Boil for1-2 minutes and then pop each bean out of its milky casing.

Just as an aside, after two weeks of receiving produce from my CSA farm, I have started to find that my grocery bill has gone down significantly. Amazing that such fresh food that is so much better for you and better tasting can be loads cheaper than the supermarket crap that travelled halfway across the world to get there....just another reason I am glad to have joined this program :)

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Johanna said...

looks delicious - especially if your kitchen is coming apart before your eyes - I love broadbeans (which I think is the same as fava beans) but always think I must be missing something and that there must be an easier way than having to pod each bean