Thursday, June 7, 2007

My First CSA Box!!

Its exciting to see a lot of food bloggers joining up for these great programs and blogging about the produce they get and what they do with it!

I am doubly excited today because I finally got my first box from Even' Star Organic Farm. I have been looking forward to this day for about 2 months now and was not disappointed.

This weeks share consists mainly of leafy greens, which the farm has said are not standard fare for the rest of the summer, so we need to enjoy them whilst they last. Included in our share was some lovely leeks, a bag of curly Kale, 2 different types of heirloom lettuce, some English sugar peas, 2 small baby turnips, a bag of herbs containing mint, parsley and cilantro flowers and a type of Italian cooking green called trasamiento rapa. Phew! That's a lot of greens, so we will be eating healthy this week :)

One of the reasons I wanted to join up for this CSA was try and eat more seasonally and to try new things. So this week will be the first ever time I have Kale (not something that is popular in Australia....not sure if you can even get it there) and rapa, which I have never even heard of. great! I am off to rummage through my recipe books......

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Katie B. said...

Looks like you got a great haul, Brooke!! We're going to have such fun with our veggies this summer!