Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Deja Vu

Well, you know you have made too many different meals when you can't even remeber that you made something before. I was super excited to post the grilled peaches and pork recipe that I made for tonight's dinner, until I realized that I had already made it!! I didn't make this realization until I entered the title for my picture into its folder and it came up as already there. Crazy!!

Anyway, you can check out the recipe here. I liked this even better the second time around. Its a great recipe and I am happy to have found it again....however, I'm sorry I have nothing new to post tonight.


Janet said...

Ha! I'm sure that will happen to me eventually too! (I now have 107 recipes on my site - it's hard to remember them all!)... and Mario keeps complaining that since I started my blog I don't make old favorites anymore... I'm always trying new stuff!

Brooke said...

lol hubby says the same thing. He always asks - "why can't we just have fajita's anymore?".