Monday, July 2, 2007

No Kitchen = No Food

Well, I had warned in previous posts that the time would come when my kitchen became completely without function... and that time has come :( I currently have no sink, no dishwasher and no oven, therefore no food....but fear not, we are not starving. Yes, the diner down the street has seen us a couple of times in the last few days and last night when we went for dinner at 10pm, after a very hard day of construction and removing moldy drywall (yes, I know...ewwww), we were even recognized and cordially greeted by a past server. Scary!! I don't think I ever want to be known as a regular at our local diner. But in any event, the cooking is on hold for at least a few days until we get our base cabinets in and can reconnect the plumbing and the oven.

We do have our trusty BBQ that will probably get a work out tonight, but I don't think kebabs will be that interesting to read about. So, for the next few days, I apologise for the lack of posts and hope that you guys bare with me whilst myself and my hubby work our butts off to obtain our nice new and much improved kitchen!!!



Janet said...

I've been through a kitchen remodel before... it is hell on wheels, but SO worth it in the end...

Katie B. said...

Hi Brooke! You've been tagged! Check out my blog to find out more! :)