Tuesday, July 31, 2007

My First Blogging By Mail

This is a really cool blogging event that was organized by Stephanie at Dispensing Happiness, where everyone who signed up had to send out a box of their favourite things. How great to be able to share with others, the things you love and then to receive a lovely box of goodies from somewhere else in the world. Thanks Stephanie for putting so much work into such a wonderful event.

I need to apologise to Stephanie and Eva though, as it has taken me a week or so to get this post up. My parents are currently visiting from Australia and are keeping me very busy. However, I finally have a couple minutes to myself and am happy to be able to put up a post about the very thoughtful box Eva sent to me from Switzerland. Unfortunately, she didn't tell me which blog she has, so I can't link to it, but if Eva is reading this....please send me a note and I will remedy the situation ASAP.

The first thing I noticed about the box that Eva sent, was it was from Fisher Scientific, a company that I order from all the time at work as a scientist, so I wonder if Eva is also a scientist....small world!!

Anyway, she themed her box around lazy Sunday mornings, which is a really cute idea. She included a huge bag of biscotti, which I have been working my way through, as well as some asian cookies that she really likes. She gave me two coasters that I could put my tea on if I wanted, as well as some farmer's market honey and Swiss chocolate. She also included 2 CD's for me to listen to. Last but not least, she had read that I like growing my own food and that I like thai basil, she included some seeds of thai basil that I can grow myself.

Thanks Eva, for a little taste of Switzerland!! And thanks Stephanie for organising such a fun event :)


Janet said...

This was a great package! The one I sent was received (it was so exciting)... but I am still waiting for mine to arrive (I am bursting with curiosity about where it will come from!)

Eva said...

I'm glad you liked it...sorry for the lack of address but was in a bit of a frenzy when throwing it together so forgot to write lots of stuff. yes, I'm a scientist too but not sure for how much longer as Im getting a bit frustrated with the funding issues....but anyway, enjoy your lazy sundays :-)

Eva said...

Hi Brooke,
commented before the weekend but somehow it didn't appear. Glad you liked the package....I am indeed a scientist, what a coincidence is that! Sorry I left out some stuff, was in a bit of a rush when sending it off but I hope you're enjoying your lazy sunday mornings!