Sunday, July 22, 2007

More Goat's Cheese

As regular readers may know, I am in love with goat's cheese. So when I had to use a bunch of thai basil, I decided to stuff some chicken with the basil, some goat's cheese and sundried tomatoes. Yum!! This is the first meal I have cooked for my parents in a few years and thankfully they were very happy with it.

This is super easy, really quick and so yummy. I served with some roasted CSA potatoes and some other veg that I got at the farmers market.

Chicken Stuffed with Goat's cheese, Basil and Sundried Tomatoes
(Serves 4)

4 chicken breasts
1 5oz packet of goat's cheese
about 8 sundried tomatoes packed in oil
1 cup thai basil leaves
2 eggs
1 cup bread crumbs

1. Make a slit in the side of each chicken breast. Combine the cheese, basil and tomatoes, then stuff a quarter of the mixture into each breast.

2. Whisk together the 2 eggs, then dip each breast in the egg, followed by the bread crumbs. Lay on a baking sheet and bake for 30 minutes at 350F. Serve with roast veggies that have been baked for 45-60 minutes.


Janet said...

That looks great. I have only recently "discovered" goat cheese, and now I can't get enough of it!!

Deborah said...

This looks so good! I have been eye-ing a similar recipe for weeks now - now I really need to make it!